We enjoy doing things ourselves but also it is our privilege to work with people who are really good at what they do. More over, they understand and appreciate the culture of the region you are touring.



He doesn't like to talk about himself, although a shared respect follows him among the climbing community. Giorgos started mountaineering and climbing at an early age and for more than 25 year has organized training schools, as an instructor, since he is an authorized mountain guide from the Hellenic Mountaineering & Climbing Federation (HMGA) but also from the national athletic department. He has climbed all of the Greek mountains and most of the foreign noteworthy routes. Currently he is active in the region of Loutraki where he opens new routes and coaches climbers of all levels.




Lazaros is a qualified mountaineering and climbing Instructor of The Hellenic Mountaineering & Climbing Federation (HMGA), 1995. Since then he coaches from youngsters and beginners to future instructors. He is currently trainer at the  youth national Greek climbing team. He has shown  impressive performance in ski mountaineering and also in sports climbing and trail running having participated in several events with great success. He has climbed  most of Greece's picks and several at the Alps ((Mont Blanc 4810, Aig. du Midi, Aig. du Roc, Aig. Rouges, Aig. Du Peigne, Aig. De L' M), the Dolomites (Cima Grande di Lavaredo, Cima Piccolo, Cingoue Torri και Tofana di Roses) and in France (Verdon, Buoux). Currently he works as a professional mountain guide at Meteora region.


Dimitrios-Christos Siotas

_MG_9842Dimitrios is a humble wine taster but also a hiker, a naturalist, and perhaps even all of the above or maybe nothing at all…An unsuccessful -yet earnest- attempt to be assimilated the socio-economic system stood as an excuse to follow his father's exhortation: «εμείς οι Βλάχοι, όπου λάχει» (he will explain this to you in person!) and so he devoted his body, soul and time to the things he truly loved: wine and mountains and mountains and wine …Emerging wine taster with deep training and understanding, he always carries with him a magic hat full of infinitely unneccessary-yet so charmingly interesting knowledge. In the unlike circumstance of being far away from a glass of wine, he will flee to the mountains…but never alone, always with the dear company of his Canon EOS capturing nature, in an attempt to capture imagination…Worshipper of the "everlasting change", you won't find words like "still" and "same" in his vocabulary but most importantly his life…and this applies to wines and mountains alike, even if you've been "there" before. Thirst finds knowledge in every sip and every uphill stride cause wines and mountains have always been there revealing, initiating and all they ask is to keep your senses open; it's only then you'll see nature's truth: divine and glorious but prone to perish…And now you know why they call him Plato: he likes talking and philosophizing, philosophizing and talking…the order doesn't matter!

HowardHoward Jeffs

In 1983 he became the youngest British Canoe Union Level 5 Coach, Sea. The following year, he repeated this achievement with the Mountaineering Instructors Certificate, both still the highest qualifications available in the UK and held in the greatest esteem throughout the world!

In 1987, he wrote, produced and published “A Practical Guide to Sea Kayaking”. Having sold over 5,000 copies worldwide, it was seen at the time as the authoritative guide on the sport and is still in demand to this day.

He has trained, mentored and assessed many of today’s prestigious/prolific BCU Level 5 Sea Coaches, something which he continues to do to this very day. He has been involved in the creation and development of other countries sea kayak coaching & guiding programs, in particular Holland (NKB) & Canada (Paddle Canada). He was also instigative in setting up and running the first Anglesey Sea Symposium.